Make a Cancer Treatment Specific Donation

On June 13 2014, I was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma, a rare type of Bladder cancer. This was shocking, frightening, and unexpected, but I’m determined to beat this disease!

Any donation you can make, big or small, will assist with medical bills for cancer treatment and surgery related expenses.

Share my story with family, friends, and coworkers. Send me encouraging thoughts and positive energy!

I am fighting with everything I have because I want to live, and I want to achieve my dream of running in the 2016 Paralympics, and going beyond!


Here’s How You Can Help:

1. Purchase Ivonne's "Blind Athlete Opens World" Keychain!

**All proceeds go towards Ivonne's cancer treatment and surgery expenses**

*Simply use PayPal to make your purchase, and be sure to enter your shipping address in the "Purpose" field*

--Each keychain is only $25.00, shipping is included.--

Picture of Ivonne's Keychain


2. Make a donation via Paypal using the buttons below – A breakdown of expenses is available by Clicking here.


3. Transfer airline miles to any of the following airlines:

**Delta Airlines – Ivonne Mosquera Sky Miles #6410645326

**United Airlines – Ivonne Mosquera’s Milage plus #UJ163958

**Jetblue Airlines – Ivonne Mosquera’s TrueBlue number2078773166

**US Airways – Ivonne Mosquera’s #40082209871

**Air Canada – Ivonne Mosquera’s #523 782 977


4. Sponsor a night’s lodging in New York City during treatment, surgery, and re-evaluation medical visits. E-mail me at at for dates and to assist with making arrangements.


5. Connect with me via E-mail, Facebook, and Twitter!


Join me and my family in fighting this battle, and lets make a difference together!

With Thanks and gratitude from the bottom of our hearts!


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