Proper Nutrition

This is what my body needs in order to have enough fuel and energy to perform. So I began to think about where my food comes from, and what it is I actually eat. Well, the less processed my food is, the more nutrients it has to nourish my body. The fewer miles the food has to travel to get to me, the fresher it is when I eat it, and the less I'm harming the environment via less fuel and carbon dioxide emissions caused by transportation. Plus, the more I buy locally, the more I'm contributing to keeping jobs in my community and to keeping my dollars in the local economy.


The above was also further encouraged and inspired by John Schmidt, a farmer in Marietta Minnesota. Manager of Native Rock Acres, John practices natural and biologically sound methods of farming with his cattle, pigs, chickens, and garden. He also uses probiotics and earth's natural minerals and elements to provide a balanced and well rounded diet for his animals, his plants and vegetables, and in his own cooking.


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